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Cell Culture Plate

  • Well Count:6mL, 12, 24, 48,96 wells
  • Flat well bottom
  • Made of polystyrene

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Cell culture plates are available in 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 wells. And they are made of polystyrene, a transparent polymer material.


  • Flat well bottom and stackable.
  • Effectively reduces cell apposition and controls thedirection of cell differentiation.
  • The non-slip design of the base helps to take out the entire culture plate smoothly, and the transparent side wall can be used for visual inspection of the sample addition in the well.
  • Recessed areas around wells act as a water reservoir toreduce evaporation.


P/ N Capacity/Well Well Count Culture Area TC Treatment Packing Specification
803006 2.9mL 6 9.5 cm² Yes 1pc/pack,50 packs/case
803012 1.14mL 12 3.8 cm² Yes 1pc/pack,50 packs/case
803024 0.57mL 24 1.9 cm² Yes 1pc/pack,50 packs/case
803048 0.285mL 48 0.8 cm² Yes 1pc/pack,50 packs/case
803096 0.2mL 96 0.32 cm² Yes 1pc/pack,50 packs/case
803096P01 0.2mL 96 0.32 cm² Yes 1pc/pack,50 packs/case
N803006 2.9mL 6 9.5 cm² No 1pc/pack,50 packs/case
N803012 1.14mL 12 3.8 cm² No 1pc/pack,50 packs/case
N803024 0.57mL 24 1.9 cm² No 1pc/pack,50 packs/case
N803048 0.285mL 48 0.8 cm² No 1pc/pack,50 packs/case
N803096P01 0.2mL 96 0.32 cm² No 1pc/pack,50 packs/case


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