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Gel Strength Tester, GLST-2

  • Test range: 5-1000Bloomg
  • Test precision: ±0.3%
  • Resolution :  0.1g
  • Repeated measurement error: ±1 Bloomg

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Gel strength test system is mainly used to measure the gel strength of gelatin under the stipulated environment. The gel strength of gelatin is an important indicator to reflect the technological level of gelatin production and control the production quality of gelatin.

Main features:

  • Thermostatic water tank and refrigerating machine constitute the precise constant temperature cold bath system.
  • Magnetic water pump circulating water flow uniform heat system is adopted, and bath temperature is uniform.
  • High-precision temperature sensor has small linear error and high temperature measurement accuracy.
  • Full-automatic frequency converting control technology controls the temperature intelligently, with high temperature control precision.
  • Refrigerating machine adopts new type compressor with high reliability and high power for refrigeration; the refrigeration speed is fast and noise is small.
  • Temperature can be preset at will; the preset value and real-time value can be displayed by time division.
  • Automation: automatic test, automatic diagnosis and automatic alarm.
  • The liner of thermostatic water tank is made of high-quality stainless steel material, temperature control range is wide and appearance is beautiful and elegant.

Main features of host of gel strength tester

Intelligent professional model which can meet various complicated measurement requirements of professional staff.

High-definition LCD is adopted, users can enjoy intelligent operations according to the screen tips; Chinese character and quantitative index are provided for each operational process.

Powerful data processing ability; it can submit the parameters like mean value, final value or peak value of tested gelatin sample for you automatically.

It provides four kinds of sampling measurement modes including single-step, maintaining, circulating and automatic, making you operate with higher proficiency.

Automatic measurement mode can help you obtain the value of gel strength faster, more accurately and more realistically.

The instrument provides presetting of any sampling depth, which facilitate the users to extract the data of various levels of gelatin sample.

5 kinds of sampling speeds; 0.1mm/s, 0.2mm/s, 0.5mm/s, 1mm/s and 2mm/s. High-speed measurement is chosen, the press-in depth error of probe to the gelatin surface will not occur.

Sampling depth can be preset arbitrarily1mm—-60mm.

The instrument provides 2 kinds of sampling results, in cooperation with the different test combinations of sampling speed and sampling mode, so as to provide users with final value and peak value.

Professional high-precision pressure sensor.

High-precision mechanical drive matches with 4-class shockproof design

Users can verify the measurement accuracy of instrument itself by themselves. (with standard weight)

Automatic correction of non-linear error, automatic fault diagnosis alarm, automatic outrange protection and automatic error correction prompt.


Host of gel strength tester

Technical indexes

  • Meet the requirement for measurement time limit in Pharmacopoeia of Edition 2015
  • Computer monitors the press-in depth error of probe to the gelatin surface dynamically.
  • Intelligent LCD
Test range 5-1000Bloomg
Test precision ±0.3%
Resolution   0.1g
Repeated measurement error ±1 Bloomg
Sampling depth 1-60mm
Stroke error ≤±0.1mm
Stroke error of high-speed measurement ≤±0.1mm
Measured value take Bioom g as the unit
Measured diameter of cylinder 12.700±0.010mm
Standard gel strength bottle  volume=150ml; inner diameter=59mm; height=85mm
Total power 60W
Overall dimensions L*W*H 260mm*260mm*450mm

Thermostatic water tank and refrigerating machine

Technical indexes:

Water bath temperature control range (5~65.0)℃
Water bath temperature control precision ±0.1℃
Refrigerating time (30℃→10℃)<40min
Power supply 220V/50Hz/1200W
Overall dimensions HW-Ⅲ  (58×44×22)cm3
ZL-Ⅲ  (48×38×29)cm3



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