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High Speed Centrifuge, CFG-18.5BP

  • Max Speed: 18500r/min
  • Max RCF: 23797×g
  • Max Capacity: 100ml×4

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It is widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology and other fields. It is an essential equipment for centrifuge separation in hospitals, scientific research units and universities at all levels.


  1. 5-inch high-definition true color touch screen control, easy to operate, intuitive display, setting parameters and real-time operating parameters can be displayed on the same screen.
  2. Ultra-large capacity data storage and fault records and other information; Can store more than 5,000 historical records; It is convenient for users to track historical operation data information, and USB export data is optional.
  3. Users can customize the naming and editing of 99 step centrifugation programs, each with a total of 10 stages of centrifugation process, meeting diverse experimental needs.
  4. It has program mode, curve mode, preset program calling function, and three-level password control function to ensure the safety and reliability of the instrument and facilitate refined management. The system can record the speed, temperature, and acceleration and deceleration curves of the last operation.
  5. With 9 levels acceleration and 10 levels deceleration curves; The acceleration and deceleration time can be set as needed to achieve the best centrifugal effect.
  6. Some rotors can achieve fast acceleration and fast deceleration.
  7. With rotor recognition function, it automatically identifies 16 different rotors to prevent users from setting incorrect rotor number parameters.
  8. Aluminum alloy rotor, durable and autoclavable.
  9. With various protection functions such as door cover protection and over-speed protection to ensure the safe operation of the instrument.


Model CFG-18.5BP
Max. Speed 18500r/min
Max. RCF 23797×g
Max. Capacity 100ml×4
Speed Accuracy ± 10r/min
Timing Range 1 s -99min 59s or 1min -99h59min
Sound Emission <65dB (A)
Electricity AC 220V, 50Hz, 10A
Power 700W​
External Dimension(L*W*H) 340*460*330mm
N.W./G.W. 32kg/48kg
Package Dimension(L*W*H) 440*560*380mm




Product Name Model & Specification Max. Speed Max. RCF
High Speed Centrifuge CFG-18.5BP 18500r /min 23797 ×g
No.1 Angle rotor 1.5ml/2.2ml×12 18500r /min 23797 ×g
No.2 Angle rotor 5ml×10 13000 r/min 11400 ×g
No.2 Angle rotor 5ml×12 13000 r/min 11400 ×g
No.3 Angle rotor 10ml×12 12000 r/min 14800 ×g
No.3 Angle rotor 15ml×8 12000 r/min 14800 ×g
No.4 Angle rotor 50ml×6 (round bottom) 12000 r/min 13000 ×g
No.4 Angle rotor 100ml×4 12000 r/min 13000 ×g
No.5 Angle rotor 50ml×6 (conical) 11000 r/min 13000 ×g
No.6 Angle rotor 1.5ml/2.2ml×36 13000 r/min 16211 × g
No.7 Angle rotor 1.5ml/2.2ml×24 15000 r/min 21083 × g
No.8 Angle rotor 0.5ml×36 16000 r/min 23669 × g
No.8 Angle rotor 0.5ml×48 16000 r/min 23669 × g
No.9 Angle rotor 1.5ml/2.2ml×48 13000 r/min 18505 × g
No.10 Angle rotor 0.2ml×8×6 PCR tube 13000r/min 16020 × g
No.11 Swing

(Microplate) Rotor

2×48 wells 3000r/min 1400×g
NO.12 Angle rotor 15ml×12 12000r/min 13527×g


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