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UV Aging/Weathering Test Chamber, ATC-H340

UV Aging Test Chambe/UV weathering testers evaluate the oxidation resistance of materials by simulating sunlight, humidity and natural moisture.

  1. UV Wavelength: 315nm~400nm
  2. Irradiance Range: 0.35~2.0W/m2
  3. Temperature Range: RT+10℃~70℃ can be set arbitrarily
  4. Blackboard Temperature: 60℃±3℃
  5. Spray Time Range: 0~9999 minutes continuously adjustable

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UV Aging Test Chamber uses fluorescent ultraviolet lamps as the light source to conduct accelerated weathering tests on materials by simulating ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight to obtain the results of material weathering resistance.
It can simulate environmental conditions such as ultraviolet, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, and darkness in natural climates. By reproducing these conditions, it can be combined into a cycle and let it automatically execute the number of cycles. This is the working principle of UV aging test chamber.

Features of UV Aging Test Chamber
High reliability
The new generation appearance design, box structure and control technology have been greatly improved, and the technical indicators are more stable.
The main accessories are selected from well-known brand-name professional manufacturers to ensure that the reliability of the entire machine is improved.
Humanized design
The operation is more reliable and the maintenance is more convenient.
It is equipped with high-grade universal rollers for easy movement in the experiment.
Easy to operate, displays set value and actual value.
Adopts 7-inch true color touch screen, which is more convenient to use.
Low water level alarm in the tank to prevent heater from empty burning.
Protective door lock: If the door of the box is opened when the lamp is on, the machine will automatically cut off the power supply to the lamp and automatically enter a balanced state for cooling to avoid harm to the human body.
Safety protection system: with over-temperature alarm, leakage protection, over-current protection, water shortage protection, grounding protection, etc.


Model ATC-H340
Working Chamber Dimension(D*W*H) 450*1170*500mm
Temperature Range RT+10℃~70℃ can be set arbitrarily
Condensation Temperature Range RT+10℃~70℃ can be set arbitrarily
Blackboard Temperature 60℃±3℃, meeting the requirements of 60±3℃ during drying and 50±3℃ during condensation
Temperature Fluctuation ≤±0.5℃(no load, constant state)
Temperature Uniformity ≤±2℃(no load, constant state)
Spray Time Range 0~9999 minutes continuously adjustable
Condensation Time Range 0~9999 minutes continuously adjustable
Distance Between Lamps 70mm
Distance Between Sample and Lamp 90mm~100mm
Lamp Power 40W
UV Wavelength 315nm~400nm
Support Template 75×300mm
Time Setting Range 0~9999 hours
Irradiance Range 0.35~2.0W/m2(Automatic dimming; irradiance display)
Electricity 220V±10%, 50Hz±1 grounding wire, the protective grounding resistance is less than 4Ω, about 4.5kW
External Dimension(D*W*H) 600*1310*1350mm


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