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Thermal Shock Test Chamber (2 zone) , TSTC-Z42D

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1. General introduction.
1.1. Item Thermal Shock Test Chamber (2 zone)
1.2. Model TSTC-Z42D
1.3. Patent Patent No.: ZL201921774049.7 A thermal shock test chamber
Soft copy No.: 2019SR135759 controller system of thermal shock test chamber
1.4. Sample application & prohibited The chamber applies to: the metal, plastic, rubber, electronic components, PCB circuit board and other industries. It is used to test the degree of endurance of material structures or composite materials under the continuous environment of extremely high and low temperatures in an instant, so that the chemical changes or physical injuries caused by thermal expansion of samples can be detected in the shortest time.
The following samples are prohibited to be tested or stored:
– Inflammable , explosive and other volatile substances;
– Corrosive substance;
– Biont;
– Strong electromagnetic emission source.
1.5. Principle and structure
Two zone structure: Divided into low temperature area, moving basket for product, high temperature area.
1.6. Shock test mode 4 modes: high temperature, low temperature, high temperature → low temperature, low temperature → high temperature)
1.7. Conforms to standard GBT 5170.2-2008 Environmental Testing Equipment Inspection Methods for Electronic and Electrical Products
GB/T2423.1-2008 (IEC68-2-1) Test A: Low temperature test method
GB/T2423.2-2008 (IEC68-2-2) Test B: High temperature test method
GJBl50.3-2009 (MIL-STD-810D) High Temperature Test Method
GJBl50.4-2009 (MIL-STD-810D) Low Temperature Test Method
GJBl50.5-2009 Temperature Impact Test Method, and other testing standards
2. Size
2.1. Inner size W400*H350*D300mm;; Volume: 42L (liters)
2.2. External size W1350*H1950*D1850mm appr.
2.3. Test space The test space can not be more than three-quarters of the total space
3. Performance
3.1. Temperature range -65℃→+150℃
3.2. High temp. Shock range +60℃~+150℃
3.3. Low temp. Shock range -10℃~-65℃
3.4. Pre cooling of low temp. zone RT (room temperature) ~- 70 ℃, about 65min
3.5. Pre heating of high temp. zone RT (room temperature) ~ 170 ℃ for about 30 minutes
3.6. Hanging basket switching time ≤10S
3.7. Shock dwell time ≥30min
3.8. Shock recovery time ≤5min
3.9. Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
3.10. Temperature deviation ±2.0℃
3.11. Temperature uniformity ±2.0℃
 The above temperature and humidity performance is measured under the condition of ambient temperature 25℃±3℃, relative humidity ≤85%, ,no-load and no sample inside chamber.
4. Structural features
4.1. Chamber material In-wall material: SUS304
External material: Cold rolled steel plate spray painting
Insulation material: PU polyurethane foam, thickness 100mm
4.2. Duct circulation Centrifugal circulation motor
4.3. Test chamber Φ 1 wiring hole at the top of the 50mm device, equipped with a sealant plug.
4.4. Door lock Convenient hook lock
4.5. Control panel 7-inch touch screen controller, power switch, running indicator, USB data download interface
4.6. Sample shelf
Sample shelf with adjustable height for punching holes
4.7. Electronic control system  picture for reference.
Strictly implement relevant standard and normative operations;
All lines are clearly marked and easy to maintain;
All lines are equipped with wire terminals for point-to-point connection, with high reliability and long service life.
4.8. Shock curve (for reference)
4.9. Power cable The equipment is equipped with a condensate water outlet at the back and a national standard 2.5 meter long cable.
5. Refrigeration system
5.1. Refrigeration compressor Hitachi (Japan)
5.2. Evaporator Finned tube evaporator
5.3. Condenser Air-cooled condenser (Control the ambient temperature at +5~25℃±3℃)
5.4. Expansion system Refrigeration system of volume control (capillary)
5.5. Refrigerant R404a (Eco-friendly, Ozone loss rate at 0)
6. Controller
6.1. Features The hardware architecture adopts: PLC listed company Xinjie + MCGS 7-inch human-machine interface touch screen
The software is independently developed and has a software copyright registration certificate. (with Strong scalability, non-standard custom software can be modified as required)
Flat design, convenient operation and large storage space
4GB storage space, can store data for more than 10 years.
6.2. Control mode Program mode: 50 groups of programs, which can set all program loops, program connections, program end actions, and standby actions.
6.3. Sensor T-type high-precision sensor
6.4. Analog output Voltage pulse (SSR) 2 points, DC 24V, minimum pulse width 5ms.
6.5. Communication port
USB: The controller can download historical curves and historical data and saved in JG and Excel format.
RS485: The maximum communication speed is 115200bps, and the maximum communication distance is 1.2km, which can connect up to 99 devices. (Provide communication protocol, excluding software development).
7. Safety protection device
7.1. Refrigeration system Compressor over-current protection
Compressor over-pressure protection
Compressor over-temperature protection
7.2. Electronic control system Heater over temperature protection
Overload short circuit leakage protection
Motor overheating protection
Abnormal gas source protection
Power supply phase failure protection
8. Accessories & parts
The chamber is to be transported as a unitary; Accessories as follows:
Instruction Manual & warranty card;
1 set of φ50 mm (installed);
2 shelves ;
castor x 4 & Foot Cup x 4 (installed).
9. Usage requirements (assured by users as below requirements)
9.1. Installation position – With leveling ground and good ventilation;
– No strong shock near the chamber;
– No strong electromagnetic field near the chamber
– No inflammable , explosive , corrosive material and dust
– Surrounding size for chamber operation and maintenance:
A: not less than 10 cm
B: not less than 60 cm
C: not less than 60 cm
D: not less than 150 cm
9.2. Condition Temperature: 5℃~25℃±3℃
Humidity: ≤85%
Air pressure: 86 kPa~106 kPa
9.3. Air source Air pressure: 5-8kg/cm2, pipe diameter: 8mm gas pipe.
9.4. Power supply condition AC 380 V±10% + Protection grounding
(customization for 60 Hz is available)
Resistance of protection grounding wire less than 4Ω.
It’s required to equipped with an air switch of corresponding capacities, and this switch must be used independently for the equipment (can not to be connected to a socket).
Power: 22KW
Max. Currant: 33 A
Parts name Brand Brand country
Control system INFITEK China
Refrigeration compressor  Hitachi Japan
Refrigerant DuPont USA
Dry filter Emerson USA
Oil separator Emerson USA
Solenoid valve  SAGINOMIYA Japan
AC Contactor Schneider France
Intermediate relay Schneider France
Thermal overload Schneider France
Switch power supply MEAN WELL China
Thermal expansion valve  Danfoss Denmark
PLC Controller XINJE China
Touch Screen MCGS China
Pneumatic Solenoid valve AirTac China


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